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March 12th
6:54 PM

Dear Negative Nancy’s,


Those that despise that I “don’t just model all day” 0.o since I won ANTM All-Stars & write me fucked up shit on the daily. I’m in Aruba performing/ & taking pictures. I’m throwin’ ya’ll a bone here. Check it out! look how “ugly and old” I am. hahahaa! Also, Since some are so great at kissing their positive vibes goodbye, you can go ahead and kiss my ass while ur at it [if u don’t like me, get the F off my page] . I didn’t do anything to any of you. Please note that I pray for ya! I wish you all would smile more on the daily because it reverses the way people treat you which I assume is a bit poor. SMILEEE!!! It’s contagiously magical. Remember I’m on ur team! I’m trying blaze paths for us all. XOXO~ Lisa

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